Advanced Documentary Filmmaking Workshop

Helps those with filmmaking experience enhance their skills in storytelling, cinematography and editing

May-July, 2017
ACO & Cheung Chau

Elementary Filmmaking Workshop

Teaches basic cinematography and editing techniques for documentaries

March-April, 2017
ACO & Cheung Chau

Investigative Journalism Workshop

Experienced director and journalist teach Investigative Journalism's methods

Feb 2017

Master Class Training Camp 2016

Participants produces 10 short documentaries in the camp

26 Dec 2016-2 Jan 2017
Cheung Chau

Documentary Story Structure and Post Production Course

Post production and editing techniques are taught

June 2016
ACO & Cheung Chau

Documentary Cinematography Course

Different cinematography styles are compared in the course

June 2016
Kwang Hwa & Cheung Chau