Hong Kong International Documentary Festival 2019

Award Winners

Chinese Doc Competition, Shorts


Kisses and Hugs

Chan Hao-Chung
Taiwan / 2018 / 39 min
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chi & Eng Sub

A primary school near Yunlin Liu Qing Petrochemical industrial district has been forced to move many times due to pollution. In the end, the parents decided to let their children continue studying in this high-risk area. The film is an attempt to shed light on how and whether this decision is influenced by Liu Qing’s “propaganda” publication Kisses and Reports.


First Runner-up

Gone with the Policy

Chen Weixi, Andersen Xia
China / 2018 / 20 min
In Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

A migrante school in Beijing’s Chang Ping district is facing demolition. The two principals and teachers try to save the school but to no avail. The students are forced to leave and return to their homes, which they barely know.


Second Runner-up

The Chief of Yancheng District

Adiong Lu
Taiwan / 2018 / 51 min
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chi & Eng Sub

The Chief of Yancheng District is a legendary banned Taiwanese song from the 1960s, about the red light district in Kaohsiung. Through studying the song‘s lyrics and the story of the song’s protagonist , Guo Wan Chi, the film depicts life in a volatile era.

Chinese Doc Competition, Features


Turning 18

Ho Chao-ti
Taiwan / 2018 / 86 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Sub

Two young Taiwanese aboriginal girls trapped in the lowest rung of society try to break out of their predicament. Faced with social limitations and setbacks along the way, will they eventually make a breakthrough in life?


First Runner-up

The Reason Why I'm Home

Chang Mingyu
Taiwan / 2019 / 74 min
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chi & Eng Sub

A mother brought about her own downfall after she joined a cult and murdered her own son. Her daughter, who left long ago, now returns to this broken home. Reflecting on the meaning of family and life, she tries to rebuild a ‘home’ for everyone.


Second Runner-up

24th Street

Pan Zhiqi
China / 2017 / 90 min
In Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

Lao Su has been a drifter for the past 30 years, making a living in different provinces. Now in his old age, as he returns to his hometown with his girlfriend, he finds himself in a village he now barely knows and his past sins of having abandoned his ex-wife and daughter catch up on him.


Second Runner-up

Dance Goes On

Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)
Hong Kong / 2017 / 81 min
In Cantonese and Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

Three veteran Hong Kong dancers, Mui Cheuk-yin, Yuri Ng and Xing Liang express their views on art and flash back to their pasts through dialogue and improvisational dance. The film documents an important chapter in Hong Kong’s contemporary dance.

Hong Kong Award (Features)

Gone with Wind

Fai Wan
Hong Kong / 2018 / 120 min
In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Sub

To the group of homeless people living under a bridge in Sham Shui Po, daily life involves coping with strange stares cast by passersby and dodging the frequent raids by the government. Fortunately, a group of volunteers led by a local pastor show them there are still some who care and are willing to lend a helping hand.


Hong Kong Award (Shorts)

The Time of the Individual

Kanas Liu
Hong Kong / 2019 / 13 min
In Cantonese and Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

On July 7, 2019, Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui was packed with people joining the rally, with the young using their “individual ways” to let mainland visitors know about Hong Kong people’s demands.

International Selection Critics’ Award


Love and Empty Words

Malgorzata Imielska
Poland / 2018 / 78 min
In Polish with Chi & Eng Sub

Adam and Wendy have been one another's one and only their whole life. As his wife's dementia worsens with signs of aphasia, the husband tries to recall their fond memories together by showing videos of them from the past.


First Runner-up

Women of the Gulag

Marianna Yarovskaya
USA / 2018 / 53 min
In Russian with Chi & Eng Sub

“Gulag” is Russian for the government agency that operated a network of forced-labor camps during the Soviet era between 1918 and 1960. During those decades, millions from political dissidents to common criminals passed through the system, of whom over 500,000 died. Among those who survived are a group of women who decided to share their experience in the camps for the camera.


Second Runner-up

A Maculate Non-Conception

Inna Denisova
Russia / 2019 / 92 min
In Russian with Chi & Eng Sub

An unmarried filmmaker in her forties hopes to become pregnant with the help of artificial insemination, but runs into various problems brought about by legal restrictions and the limits of her own physical condition.


Second Runner-up

The Fourth Kingdom

Àlex Lora, Adán Aliaga
Spain / 2019 / 83 min
In Spanish, English, Mandarin and Basque with Chi & Eng Sub

Undocumented workers, drifters and scavengers cross paths at a recycling plant in upstate New York as they desperately search for work while keeping each other company.