HKIDF2020 - Jurors Notes for International Doc Competition

Bede Cheng, Jury of International Doc Competition


Over the past year, the kind of images that we usually associated with events in other parts of the world were finally happening in our own backyard. It shows us the values, systems and social apparatus that we have long been relying on are fragile and could crumble overnight, and that we have taken peace and liberty for granted for too long, and forgot these are always to be fought for. When reality is more absurd than fiction, the urgency to record the sounds and images of our times is greater than ever. We forget the people in these documentaries, human beings like us who have struggled to maintain their humanity and dignity in the midst of a chaotic world, at our peril.



Bede Cheng started his media career in radio production, and later worked in a variety of posts in film and television productions as assistant director, line-producer, script supervisor and camera crew. Since 2002, he has been involved with programming at the Hong Kong Film Archive, later as Programme Manager of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, and Senior Programme Manager of the Metroplex Cinema, and he facilitated the inaugural edition of the Sundance Festival. He is currently the Managing Director of L’lmmagine Ritrovata Asia, a film restoration laboratory