Documentary Cinematography Course

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Documentary cinematography tends to be simpler than that of fiction film, giving an impression that documentary film is comparatively easier, but the truth is far from it. Documentary cameramen must react quickly and pick up on the truth. 
This course was split into three sections, including basic techniques, filming instincts and introduction to different cinematography styles. Participants mostly learned from past examples and hands-on practice, which helped them grasp the techniques in a short amount of time.

Date: Class-5/6/2016 (Sun) and 19/6/2016 (Sun) 2:00 - 6:00 pm
   Training Camp-10/6/2016 (Fri) and 12/6/2016 (Sun)

Venue: Class-Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre
      Training Camp-Caritas Jockey Club Ming Fai Camp, Cheung Chau

Tuition: $3,200 / $2,700* (Tuition covers accommodations and meals)
* Full-time students and former Masterclass students

Instructors: Augustine Lam, Lee Chia Hua and Tammy Cheung

Course Content

  • Basic cinematography techniques: composition, shot types, camera movement and shooting different scenes
  • Filming instinct: build sharp instinct, learn to find stories
  • Cinematography styles: Introduction to different cinematography styles