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28/11 (Sat)   5:50pm   MOViE MOViE Cityplaza
5/12 (Sat) 7:40pm PREMIERE ELEMENTS

Kanas Liu
Hong Kong / 2019 / 15 min
In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Sub

Large scale clashes broke out between protestors and the Hong Kong police on 28th July 2019, amid months of continued protests against the introduction of the Extradition amendment bill. Many protestors were arrested at the scene, while others scrambled to help each other evade pursuit by the police.

Director's Profile
A graduate in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University, Kanas Liu produced two documentaries about the Umbrella Movement in 2014: Van Drivers and Van Drivers 2. Comrades is her second documentary short about the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement in 2019.

Director's Note
Last year, we produced five documentary shorts about the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement. All of them were edited in a few days, as we hoped to provide Hongkongers with perspectives of the protests outside the news lens, and to evoke responses to the situation as quickly as possible. Comrades is the second documentary short in the series, and has been fortunate enough to be selected at several international film festivals. It has given us the opportunity to interact with audiences from all over the world. An audience member from Berlin told us that she couldn't fully grasp the crisis in Hong Kong since their local news only shows violent scenes of the protest. However, she got to know more about the brotherhood as well as the apprehension among protestors after watching our film, Comrades. 


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