Chinese Documentary Festival 2016

Award Winners



A Perfect Crash

Fu Yue
Taiwan / 2015 / 34 min
In Mandarin and Hakka dialect with Chi & Eng Subtitles

A political superstar finds himself falling from grace and plummeting to the depths. After the Sunflower Movement, Chen Wei-ting, whose reputation now preceded him, returned to Miaoli County to run for the legislature, but he soon withdrew due to some sexual harassment scandals. From public sweet heart to someone scorned and deemed a "criminal", what does Chen think of what he calls his "perfect crash"?

First Runner-up

Murmuring Days

Shen Ko-shang
Taiwan / 2015 / 38 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Two happily-married professors, a retiree couple ready to enjoy retirement, and a father and son with less than three years together, suddenly find their days numbered. The unexpected dawn of cancer and imminent death force everyone to face fears and regrets. Despite this somber topic, the film captures moments of love.

Second Runner-up

Shangshu Seminary

Zhao Gang
China / 2014 / 48 min
In Sichuan dialect with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The century-old French-style Shangshu Seminary in Bailu in Sichuan was reduced to rubble by the Wenchuan earthquake. Legacy parishioner Tang Min's family was appointed by the government to clear up, provoking conflict with neighbours. Five years on, Bailu has a French look, with the reconstruction completed.



Cut Out the Eyes

Xu Tong
China  / 2015 / 78 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Er-ren-tai's 50-something-year-old street artist "Er Hou Sheng" earns a living singing on the streets in Inner Mongolia's Hetao district. Twenty years ago, his eyes were gouged out by the husband of a woman whom he attempted to run away with. He documented his near fatal experience in a song called, "Cut Out the Eyes", which became a hit in northern Inner Mongolia. He brushed off death and survived.

First Runner-up

My Land

Fan Jian
China / 2015 / 81 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Chen Jun farms in Beijing. In his shack, he set up an "Agony Hotline" for farmers and was elected "Beijing's role-model". Little did he realise the land he rented had been sold off by the village committee. As the bulldozers moved in, Chen and his wife stood firm. As they started to film their troubles, they captured their daughter growing up. However, as she grew, they also had to rethink staying on their land.

Second Runner-up

A Purpose Built School

Jia Ding
China / 2015 / 96 min
In Mandarin and Anhui dialect with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Maotanchang High School, the "National College Entrance Examination Factory", subjects students to rote learning. Parents try at all costs to get their kids into university. Teachers monitor study time with CCTV and raid dormitories. The examination battlefield mirrors China at large. This is the festival version of the film.