Chinese Documentary Festival 2013

Award Winners



A Rolling Stone

Shen Ko-shang
Taiwan / 2012 / 53 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng subtitles

Gifted in drawing but also indulging himself in an imaginary world of his own, emotionally unstable and generally assaultive, his behaviour has become a burden to his father, who strives to make a living while looking out for him. With a long and winding road ahead, it takes more than just patience to keep caring for his 30-year-old autistic son.

First Runner-up

Summer Rain

Tsang Tsui Shan
Hong Kong / 2013 / 27 min
In Cantonese, Mandarin, English and German with Chi & Eng subtitles

This poetic documentary explores the lives of Hong Kong people living in Germany. One of them is Choi Bin Chuen, a painter and director, who searches for this identity in both places. Made during a stay in Germany in 2012, Summer Rain is about searching for identity.

Second Runner-up

Little Proletarian

Shen Jie
China / 2012 / 56 min
In Guizhou dialect with Chi & Eng subtitles

Hai'er has been expelled from school. He wanders around town and hangs out at the beauty parlours. When he isn't drinking or getting into fights, he's racing motorcycles with the gang. Beatings by his father simply won't stop him. Now he's thinking about going to the city as part of some shady business, at the age of 14.



Emergency Room China

Zhou Hao
China / 2013 / 99 min
In Mandarin and Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles

Imagine taking a ride in an ambulance through the streets of Guangzhou, meeting people from all walks of life en route: the ill or injured, victims of poisonous wine, and the jumpers. It's even more bizarre at the hospital: some fake illnesses for medication; patients admitted to self-financing hospitals need to pay up ridiculous fees, because if you don't, you're doomed. By the director of The Transition Period (2010) and Cop Shop (2011), Emergency Room China is another insightful exposé of the government bodies in China.

First Runner-up

The Cold Winter

Zheng Kuo
China / 2011 / 103 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng subtitles

The Stop Forced Eviction Movement for an artist's village-in-residence in Beijing has gained wide public attention. Ai Weiwei is one of the keen supporters, among other well-known figures. At first the resident artists all pull together for the actions, but infighting begins soon after financial compensation has been offered. What started as a fight for justice has turned into a bitter fight over money. The movement has become a showcase for cowardice and egotism. All this is just typical Chinese, says Ai.


Xu Huijing
China / 2013 / 68 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng subtitles

According to the family planning policy for rural areas of China, women giving birth to a second child must undergo sterilisation. Zhang Qing-mei, a family planning officer in a village in Shanxi Province, has received an order from local authorities to reinforce sterilisation twice this year for all women in the village, targeting those "stubborn nail" mothers who refuse. To secure her job, Zhang and other male cadres start taking drastic measures to seize these determined young mothers, day and night round the clock.

Second Runner-up

The Other Side

Tsai Tsung-lung
Taiwan / 2012 / 70 min
In Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chi & Eng subtitles

A distraught Taiwanese businessman is stranded in Fujian, China. A mainland Chinese woman has married a farmer in Tainan as his third wife. Although these two people are living in different places, they both face difficulties in similar aspects. The unsuccessful Taiwanese businessman has almost become a "Taiwanese drifter". Afraid of losing face, he does not return to Taiwan. Although the bride from abroad is pretty and capable, and can adapt herself to Taiwanese life, she is virtually a cheap labourer in an overlooked position, with no say in anything. She feels neglected.