Chinese Documentary Festival 2010

Award Winners



Dream on the Wall

Huang Mingming, Gao Luli
China / 2010 / 54 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The world's longest crane migration route in East China is currently threatened by overdevelopment and habitat loss. The town of Xianghai is located along this endangered path. To raise people's awareness of protecting their environment, teachers and students of the Xianghai Art School plan to draw a mural on the town street wall and conduct a survey in the community before they start. The film looks at how the students' enthusiasm is matched (or not) by the government officials they interview.

First Runner-up

Heavy Metal

Jin Huaqing
China / 2009 / 50 min
In Mandarin, Henan, Anhui dialect with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Deep in debt after paying for his son's wedding, Zhang reluctantly found himself a job as an electronic waste dismantler. After her father passed away, Qiuxia and her mother tried to make ends meet by working at the waste disposal site, despite knowing the hazards it brings.

Second Runner-up

A Moment in Time

Ruby Yang
USA / 2009 / 55 min
In Mandarin, Eng with Chi Subtitles

San Francisco's Chinatown is the largest and oldest Chinese community in North America. Since the 1930s, homesick immigrants have found solace in movies shown at the Chinatown theaters, reflecting their own experiences onto the movies' characters. The film explores the joys and sorrows of Chinese immigrant families and how they have found temporary refuge in the mesmerizing, celluloid world.




Wang Libo
China / 2009 / 108 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The Tangshan Earthquake of 1976 killed 240,000 people, leaving thousands injured. Buried, in a calm and objective tone, presents the history of the Great Tangshan Earthquake. The film explores the unknown truth of a historical tragedy, featuring interviews with experts who recall the concealment of information by the government of the Tangshan tragedy and their indifference towards earthquake forecasts. More tragedy unfolds as history repeats itself during the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008.

First Runner-up

Fortune Teller

Xu Tong
China / 2010 / 183 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Invalid Li Baicheng makes a living as a fortune teller. An outcast living on the periphery of society, Li gets by with a will of iron as he struggles to make ends meet with his deaf and mentally disabled wife. In their company are poverty-stricken farmers, beggars and prostitutes, fellow outcasts also scorned by society. Li and others like him recall characters from Lu Xun's novels about survival in a harsh world.

Second Runner-up


Guo Xizhi
China / 2009 / 180 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

In democratic countries, the media is the mouthpiece of the public. However, in a Shenzhen TV station where protecting the interests of the Party trumps all, reporters are merely mouthpieces of the government. "First Spot" is a TV programme that investigates social disparities in the community, but most of their coverage is "buried" away. The film follows the daily operations of the TV station and hits the streets with the reporters who attempt to unveil the city and its people in all its different forms and faces.

Special Mention

Let It Be

Ho Wing Yin Cecilia, Hong Ieng Hou
Macao / 2010 / 84 min
In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitle

1999 marked the Macao handover; 2002 saw the opening of the gambling market. Thanks to surplus in the treasury, the government has been showering annual bonuses on Macao citizens. How do people handle these changes? The film looks into the different facets of Macao's changing society and how it impacts the life of local women, featuring interviews with a 10 year-old primary student and a 90-year old elder, among others.