Chinese Documentary Festival 2008

Award Winners



Life With Happiness

Lin Wan-Yu, Hsu Ya-ting
Taiwan / 2006 / 29 min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Lo-Sheng Sanatorium is Taiwan's only isolated hospital for leprosy patients. In the past, the government forced 1,000 patients into isolation. This lasted through the colonial government, the National government, and the reformed democratic government. For more than 50 years, the patients have made Lo-Sheng their home. In 2002, with the construction of the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), the government once again forced patients to move out of Lo-Sheng, tearing it down for economic benefits. In the face of authority, "You government officials violate the rights of the people. Can you afford it?" is resonant in Huang Wen-Zhang's songs. Huang Jin-Ying continues to look after the elderly, whose eyes and ears are failing with age, while making a living to feed the cats and dogs. "Let's support each other, take care of each other, and strive on!" These are the words of encouragement that these patients have to carry them onwards.

First Runner-up

An Exposure of Affected Hospital

Chu Hsien-jer
Taiwan / 2007 / 59 min
In Mandarin with Chinese or English subtitles

In April, 2003, there was a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak at Heping Hospital in Taiwan. According to a government report, there were over 600 affected people and 71 dead. On April 24, the Taiwan government decided to isolate Heping Hospital, and asked all staff to return. This policy cause a strong resistance by a Dr. Chou, who disobeyed this order, and he claimed it was wrong to isolate over 900 people, suspected cases of SARS, in one place. Dr. Chou was called "the runaway doctor" by the mass media and dismissed by the government. Following his lawsuit against the government, an inconvenient truth about this hospital was discovered.

Second Runner-up

Lake-Cleaning People

Huang Mei-Wen
Taiwan / 2007 / 45 min
In Hakka & Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

For recalling the purity of heart and accomplishing the vivid dream of a creek familiar from childhood, a group of volunteers in Ermei Township, Hsinchu County established an organization named "Love for Ermei Township". All members of this organization commit to live as simple as possible day by day to practice the concept of life environmentalism. They also try to influence other habitants to love their homeland via their sincere actions. Documentary Film "Lake- Cleaning people" is based on stories of those homeland lovers of "Love for Ermei Township", tea farmer Huang Sen-Chang, principal of elementary school Chang Liang-Ban, photographer Yeah Tsai, pottery artist Chen Yung-Kuo and so on. Viewpoints reflected from their oral history and living experiences aim to stimulate viewers to rethink the impact of fast economic development upon environmental damage.



Homeless FC

Lynn Lee, James Leong
Singapore / 2006 / 113 min
In Cantonese with English subtitles

A reformed gambler, a handsome college dropout, a former gang member and other marginalized men constitute Hong Kong's Dawn Team that assembles faithfully twice every week for a friendly football game. As these men grapple with past addiction, failures and loneliness on the field, they look ahead to the 2006 Homeless World Cup in Cape Town. Following their year of triumphs and losses, this documentary explores the struggles and complexities of lives - and relationships - transformed through football. Another rarely told "Hong Kong Story".


Though I Am Gone

Hu Jie
China / 2006 / 68 min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

During the Cultural Revolution, Bian Zhongyun, the vice principal of a secondary school was the first victim beaten to death. Her husband, Wang Jingyao, took photographs of her body and her bloody clothes. The film reveals how the social situation developed before and after Bian's death. It demonstrates the ideology and the conflict for Bian's generation. The film powerfully transmits the painful experience of the photographer, showing us his footage but also providing an insight into his personal comprehension of the tragedy. Though I Am Gone is a document to the distorted soul of that tumultuous time lived by a generation in China.

First Runner-up

Care and Love

Ai Xiaoming
China / 2007 / 105 min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Care and Love draws its inspiration from "Investigation of AIDS in Xingtai", an article by Wang Keqin, senior China Economic Times journalist. The documentary tells the story of Liu Xianhong, a villager who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion during childbirth, and how she publicized her story, filed a lawsuit with her 8-year-old son against the hospital, and eventually received compensation. The bitter experiences of several families, and the collective effort by people living with HIV to defend their rights, resulted in the "Care Group".

First Runner-up


Lin Hao-shen
Taiwan / 2005 / 60 min
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

One day, my Grandma moved into a nursing home, creating ripples through my Mom's life. She couldn't deal with the fact that Grandma had worked so hard for most of her life but wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of her days. Grandma couldn't even remember the place she'd been living for over 40 years, due to Alzheimer's disease. However, Mom could do nothing but put more time and effort into taking care of her the only mother she would ever have.