Đặng Tú Trinh

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Date Time Venue
21/11 (Sat)   6:00pm   MOViE MOViE Pacific Place
30/11 (Mon) 7:45pm MOViE MOViE Cityplaza

Tsai Tzung Shian
Taiwan / 2019 / 27min
In Mandarin and Vietnamese with Chi & Eng Sub

Sister Trinh left her home in Bac Lieu, Vietnam, 20 years ago and moved to Taoyuan, Taiwan as a foreign bride. After the marriage ended in divorce, she raised her two children and held the family together by making and selling authentic Vietnamese beef noodles. This film chronicles the life of this tough yet loving mother.

Director's Profile
Born in Tainan, Tsai Tzung Shian studied Fine Arts at university. After leaving the army, he started making documentaries while working as a crew member. His film Baobi won Bronze Award at the Changhua Independent Film Festival.

Director's Note
The process of creating a documentary is like doing a thankless task. It all comes down to your own will. I started recording the Taoyuan camp simply because of my interest in video shooting, at the same time wanting to keep refining my craft. After all, the life as a crew member was too boring. During shootings, I kept asking myself why I wanted to make documentaries. I kept being struck by the ethical issues faced in making documentaries, and the productions were almost called off. I would then be drowned in regrets, feeling like no one could save me. It was like climbing a mountain when the weather changes suddenly; you have to face the dilemma of whether to advance or retreat. But I have started, so what now? As I have said, your choice is all that matters. But why do we still step onto the mountain? Because the mountain is always there. Being prepared while conforming to nature are the most important things when it comes to climbing mountains. When there are struggles and obstacles. the only thing we can do is to think hard and try to overcome them. It is all about self-seeking in the process. We may not find the answer, and the answer we once thought was correct may have also changed. However, what it takes is that I have been on my way, moving forward, and sometimes stopping by to appreciate the scenery. Getting lost can be sad, but it's all right if I have enjoyed the process.


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