Cheung Chau Diary 2014

During the second inaugural Documentary Masterclass, more than twenty filmmakers searched for stories on the island. The eight days of training were filled with rain and shine, confusion and distress. At the end, the students completed nine short films. The collection of films under 2014 Cheung Chau Series include films about people An Ambulanceman, Postman and The Ukelele Luthier and films about traditional industries The Qilin Story of Two GenerationsFlower Banner and Man Beside the Sea. The films depict different ways of living on the island and reflect the disappearing human touch and tradition of Hong Kong.

Amanda Fung
9 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Joyce and her chef boyfriend followed her retired father and moved from the city back to Cheung Chau where her grandmather once lived. There they opened a restaurant, where she socializes with her neighbors and customers and finds a level of intimacy that has become a rarity in the city.

Flower Banner
Ocean Ho, Gloria Cheung
16 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The first sight that greets you in Cheung Chau is the colorful plaques filled with congratulatory phrases. Behind the calligraphy is the story of two childhood friends who run the business for different reasons: one because of his father, the other his wife and children. Thanks to them, this vanishing traditional art manages to survive in Cheung Chau.

Man Besides the Sea
Nicole Leung
10 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Despite the decline of the shipbuilding and repairing industry in Cheung Chau, Ngao Gor still stays in his post at his shipyard and repairs boats day and night. His favorite entertainment is a glass of cold beer after work.

Too Many Cheung Chau Guests
Chui Chi Yin
15 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

"Too Many Cheung Chau Guests?"– a saying with hidden sexual innuendoes in Cantonese that spawned during the seventies takes a different comedic meaning in this film, as the director posed it as a question to the different people – both "guests" and residents – he found on the streets of Cheung Chau.

An Ambulanceman
Cheung King Si Tim
9 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

"Sheh Jai" is how people call Mr. Lau, the ambulanceman of a mini-ambulance who responds to emergencies on Cheung Chau. Being a photographer and a nature lover, he likes wandering around with his wife in leisure time while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cheung Chau.

The Ukelele Luthier
Covin Cheng, Wong Sze Mei
11 min / In English with Chinese & English Subtitles

Evan Binkley works as an instrument maker, specializing in ukuleles. His life revolves around them, which he uses in composing and teaching. He believes Cheung Chau is "a paradise yet to be polluted by the world”.

Sam Tsang
12 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Tat Chai is a postman in Cheung Chau and serves his profession with great respect. As a warm man with a great sense of humour, he has established a close relationship with the people on the island. The friendliness of the people and animals as well as the natural beauty of the island accompany Tat Chai's hard work every day.

The Pier
Chu Hoi Ying
8 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The pier in Cheung Chau is completely empty in the early hours of the day, until all of a sudden it bursts into life – residents hurrying to school and work, holiday house managers dealing with a thousand tasks, street vendors struggling to keep their businesses open in the rain – the pier, as it turns out, is a place filled with great energy.

The Qilin Story of Two Generations
Katie Chick, Christina Chan
10 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

A paper model maker followed his father's footsteps and became a self-taught paper-model maker. His skills soon surpassed father's, who became his business partner and acknowledges his achievements with pride. The art makes the bond between father and son stronger.