Cheung Chau Diary 2013

Equipped with a video camera, twenty-five young people headed to Cheung Chau for seven days and nights in search of stories to tell. The Hair Salon is about a traditional shop in an old street; Neighbourhood and Brother Wah depict community spirits and friendships; then there are personal vignettes like Home by the Sea, The Savage in the Hill, Uncle Fai, A Man from Cheung Chau, Life and Tell me Mum; Birthday Party and My Mother's Story on life of the elderly. There are also films that look into the relationship between human and nature, they are Insects, A Will to Restore and On the Wretched Lives of Fish. In all these films, we can catch glimpses of fascinating people, salient social issues and aspects of Hong Kong culture that is fading away. These little tales from a small island are actually a microcosm of Hong Kong society.

A Man from Cheung Chau
Wan King Fai
14 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Sixty something Uncle Ken always helps out residents in need and he has even single handedly taken the government to court. He attributes his bent for justice to his experience in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Birthday Party
Siu Yin Yu
10 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

A home for the elderly on Cheung Chau hosts quarterly birthday parties for its residents, inviting family and friends as guests. The elderly residents feel very different on this special day.

Tsang Kam Shan
7 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

With three generations under one roof and still very much far from retirement, Ah Man leads a half-retired life, much to the envy of many.

Chui Chi Yin
5 min / No Dialogue

When it rains, insects usually hide in their resting places, in the dark. Some seek shelter under the leaves, some head to the forest or rocks. If the rain is too heavy, some may get hurt and even die.

My Mother's Story
Michael Chu
10 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

90 year-old Granny Wun Ho was the breadwinner of the family when she was younger, raising seven children. Even though she is suffering from dementia, she is still holding up fine, thanks to the support of her daughter.

The Savage in the Hill
Wu Wing Yan, Szeto Ka Ho
15 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Mr Fong lives up to his father's expectation that he develops farm plots in the hills, in the hopes this will draw his other siblings back to Cheung Chau. However, his ailing health is making this a very challenging mission.

On the Wretched Lives of Fish
Saipulla Mutallip
7 min / No Dialogue

It is natural for fish to swim in the sea, minding their own business and not hurting anyone. When men came, they caught the fish, bludgeoned, skinned and dismembered them and punctured their gills, putting them through unnecessary pain before leaving them to die, and for what, just so people can have fresh seafood?

Brother Wah
Li Tiecheng
9 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Brother Wah's newspaper stall, which stands next to the ferry terminal, is also a hub where neighboring residents come to chat and leave messages, and where tourists ask for directions. His day starts at two in the morning, a routine he has followed for several decades.

Tan Chi Wing
6 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

The customers of the tea house at the corner of Tai San Street gather at dawn. In the absence of the tourist corwds, several elderly residents bemoan the changes brought about by the "prosperity" of tourism.

Tell Me Mum
Lee Wai Shing
7 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Tell Me Mum tells of how two neighbors who hadn't spoken to each other in 20 years got to speaking again as one of their sons had a plan to film; it started with a phone call...

Uncle Fai
Chan Hau Chun
6 min / In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitles

80 something year-old Uncle Fai owns a bonesetting clinic on Cheung Chau. A bone setter by day and a seller of rice flour rolls at night, Uncle Fai works around the clock and is hailed as a legend in the community.

Home by the Sea
Terence Pang
5 min / In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Photographer Lam Sir moved to Cheung Chau ten years ago so that his wife could recuperate from an illness. They fell in love with this scenic island and took many beautiful photographs. After his wife passed away, he continues to live on the island alone.

A Will to Restore
Jo Cheng
20 min / In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitles

The Lams use natural fertilizers made out of leftovers to farm their organic vegetables. They are troubled with pest problems during the process.

The Hair Salon
Yip Wai Ping, Wong Wai Kin
12 minutes/ In Cantonese with Chi & Eng Subtitles

As sunlight streams into this traditional barber's shop and sounds from the radio can be heard, the shop's owner Mr Chan snips away and chats with friendly neighbors on everything under the sun.